Health Choice of Alabama

Health Choice is an alternative health care delivery system that offers hospital and physician services to employer groups at preferred rates in return for increased use of the systems' physicians and hospitals.

Health Choice was established by The Baptist Health System in November 1984 and is jointly owned by the Baptist Health System and St. Vincent's Hospital. The Health Choice Network covers 45,000 Alabamians and 600 employers located within the state.

Over 4,600 physicians and 90 hospitals/facilities participate in the PPO network.

Health Choice provides greater health care values for employers and employees. Health Choice hospitals and physicians provide services at preferred rates. Fees are pre-negotiated, so cost can be known in advance.

Employers who offer Health Choice to their employees choose the health plan benefits and coverage to meet their company's needs. The plan design allows employees to use any physician or hospital they desire, but must provide incentives for employees to use the services of Health Choice providers.



HealthChoice is now a proud partner in the Alabama Premier Network (APN). To find out more about how our affiliation with APN is helping us do a better job of meeting your healthcare needs, contact us today

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